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“He made me an appliance and within a matter of a few days having it I noticed substantial changes as far as no more headaches, my jaw pain was not there anymore…”

– Joe

“Prior to Dr. Fraschetti correcting my TMJ problem, most mornings upon awakening I experienced jaw & neck pain. My jaw clicked when I ate, sometimes with no irritation but at other times pain radiated from my jaw joint, a long my ear and up into my head, triggering a headache. But the most notable problem was the jaw clenching and grinding which caused my teeth to become ground down and the more translucent along their borders. People asked me why I had such “tiny” teeth.

Even though the correction process for my TMJ took a few years and involved much testing and many procedures, it is worth it!! It has been about 7 years since completing everything. The headaches, jaw clicking and jaw & neck pain have disappeared. Just as importantly, now my teeth are normal in size and appearance. Often people comment on my nice teeth and smile. I do wear my orthotic at night so I don’t regress or undo all the dental work. This is not an inconvenience, just a daily routine.”


“Thank you Dr. Fraschetti for your skilled dentistry. After only a week I am feeling much better. I am happy to say that when I wake up in the morning I have no jaw pain. I have more range of motion in my neck and my headaches have also lessened. I have not felt well in a long time and now I am finally on the right path. Thank you again sincerely.”


“When my appliance they made me came in within days the headaches were easing and the jaw pain was almost non existent…”


“I have always clenched my teeth for as long as I can remember. I would walk around with jaw pain and stiffness thinking it was normal. I’ve been to many dentist and have had 4 bit guards made. From ones worn on the bottom teeth only, to wearing both top and bottom together. Nothing helped, in fact, I got worse. KI started waking up in the mornings in pain. And when I would eat something I would get a lightning bolt of pain to my eye. Sometimes so strong it would make me dizzy. So I stopped wearing them all together.

Then a friend of mine told me about Dr. Fraschetti.

I went to see what type of treatment Dr. Fraschetti’s office had to offer. I was quite surprised at all the information. I never knew my “jaw” could cause so many problems, and the difference between a “bite guard” and an “Orthotic”. I had TMJ testing done. Dr. Fraschetti and staff explained and showed me how a “normals” jaw should work ad how mine was. An orthotic was made for me to put my jaw to a place where the muscles are most relaxed. It only took 1 night. I woke up the next morning without pain or stiffness. IO continue to wear my orthotic every night.

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Fraschetti. I can only imagine if I didn’t. I would still be walking around in pain!!

Thanks for making my daily routines pain free!”

– Pam

“Prior to treatment from Dr. Fraschetti, KI suffered with headaches, neck and jaw pain for three years. At its worst, I was suffering four to five times per week with nothing to alleviate it. I began to feel like a different person, putting off my studies and canceling social activities because I couldn’t get out of bed. Undergoing treatment with Dr. Fraschetti and his staff was the best decision I have ever made. My plan of are included orthodontics. During treatment my pain started to decrease, and then it disappeared. The popping and cracking sound in my jaw that I became so accustomed to ceased as well. Not only did Dr. Fraschetti give me a beautiful smile, but he gave me my life back. Thank you guys so much. Hope all is well.”

– Hope

“I have had over 10 years of back and neck pain, headaches and clenching problems. All of these symptoms I thought were from my job and everyday stress.

Before seeing Dr. Fraschetti I had 3 different bite splints that helped a little, but the pain never went away.

After seeing Dr. Fraschetti and undergoing testing for TMJ and about 4 months ago, I feel a million times better. I rarely get headaches and my neck and back don’t bother me anymore!!

I wear my orthotic 24/7 and LOVE IT!!”


“My first visit to Dr. Fraschetti’s office was a pleasant surprise. Dr. Fraschetti made me feel so comfortable because he is so friendly and casual.

After my first exam, I was informed I was in need of few extractions and two partials, one upper the other lower. Everything was done so well. I’ve had no problems with either partial.

A short time later, I noticed a clicking in my jaw. KI told Dr. about this, only to learn from Dr. Fraschetti that my jaw had a slipped disk.

After Dr. Fraschetti performed testing for “TMJ”, I was given an Orthotic appliance to be worn each night. I have had no problems with my jaw since!

Also, I must add…the staff is so friendly. I feel like they are all my friends. Each visit is so pleasant!”


“I have had pain and discomfort from TMJ for many years.

Dr. Fraschetti’s treatment and most importantly his Orthotic Retainer has made a significant difference in my life. Relief from the pain and discomfort of TMJ.

The Orthotic Retainer has made my everyday activities and sleeping so much more comfortable.

I wear my Orthotic Retainer all of the time. I am never without it!

I congratulate Dr. Fraschetti on his excellent TMJ treatment and Orthotic Retainer.”