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If you have been dealing with an odd popping sound whenever you open or close your mouth, or you have been suffering pain or discomfort while chewing, yawning or simply moving your mouth, it could be TMJ.

Advantages of TMJ Treatment

TMJ, or TMD as it is also called, is a series of problems with the temporomandibular joint. This is a massive joint that connects your head to your lower jaw. Powerful, it is also very flexible and why you can so easily move your lower jaw in nearly any direction with comfort and smoothness. If you have been struggling to move your jaw easily, though, you might be suffering some sort of disorder with the joint, i.e. TMD.

The pain ends

It is not only joint or tooth pain that comes from the development of TMJ or TMD. Medical experts are unclear as to the origins of this issue, but what they do know is that most patients with the condition also have pain in their faces, shoulders, neck and upper back.

The risk of damage ends

Most patients with TMJ also begin to heavily grind their teeth. This is known as bruxism, and it is very bad for overall oral health. It wears the teeth, leaving them prone to breakage or decay. It also puts tremendous pressure on the jaw and joints, worsening other symptoms.

The ear issues end

Most patients with TMD may also complain of ringing in the ears or ear pain (on one or both sides). This is usually tinnitus, and it can become chronic with many TMJ patients.

You enjoy eating again

Another of the benefits of TMJ Treatment is that it allows people to start looking forward to eating again. When symptoms worsen, patients actually reduce their food intake because of oral pain, and this creates a vicious cycle that increases emotional stress and negatively impacts overall health.

With a simple oral appliance or splint worn at night, you may be able to see these issues alleviated, and even more benefits such as improved mood, better sleep, and more.

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